Best Baby Carriers Under 100 Dollars

Carrying my 6 month old in the Lillebaby Complete 6 in 1 all season while apple picking in October of 2020.
Carrying my 6 month old in the Lillebaby Complete 6 in 1 all season while apple picking in October of 2020.

Do you even need a baby carrier? Yes! Yes, you do! Let me tell you a baby carrier is an essential baby product to have. There are so many products that are unnecessary in my opinion, but a carrier is a must-have! They allow you to be hands-free while still holding your baby. This could simply mean being able to drink your coffee or more active tasks like doing laundry. They take pressure off your back and arms, making it easier to hold your baby for longer. A carrier can be used where a stroller cannot such as hiking. They can help you to bond with your baby by keeping them close to you. You can even nurse in most carriers.

Like I said, I cannot imagine parenting without being able to baby wear. I find it interesting that my mom did not have one. It is actually somewhat recent that babywearing has become mainstream again, which is kind of mind blowing because humans have literally been baby carrying since the dawn of time and baby carriers were one of the first human inventions. It was only when the baby carriage (stroller) was invented in Victorian-era Europe that baby carrying started to be viewed as lower class. In the 1970’s baby wearing companies started to form inspired by indigenous and African cultures. From there numerous companies have been making baby carriers in many styles and fabrics. The social media era of today has really made them a parenting staple again.

The 5 best baby carriers for 100 dollars or less in my opinion are the 5 carriers that I have had and used for 2-3 years now. I did the research before deciding to purchase each of these. They have all served me well in the past with my first baby and are getting just as much use the second time around. I bet you are wondering why you would need 5 baby carriers. You may not, but hopefully this post helps you decide what is right for you. Some people are fine with just one carrier and others have many more than 5. One reason to have multiple is you are sure to leave a carrier in one area of your house or your car and really need one at the moment within closer reach. Another reason is that they each work well for different situations.

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1. Lillebaby Complete 6 in 1 all season

Back carrying my 16-month-old in the Lillebaby Complete 6 in 1 all season while hiking in the summer of 2021.

The Lillebaby Complete 6 in 1 all season is my top overall carrier. It is priced at $99.99, though some patterns are $119.99. Let me just say the lumbar support on this baby carrier is amazing! My back rarely hurts at all while using it. This is the only carrier I have that I can front and back carry. When my first little guy was big enough to back carry that was a game changer! You can do a lot more with baby on your back then you can with them on the front. This carrier can be used from newborn to 45 pounds. I can still put my 35 pound toddler on my back in the Lillebaby. The fabric is hypo-allergenic cotton-poly performance blend.

This carrier is quite a bit bulkier than my other carriers, but it is the one I can have baby in the longest and is the easiest on my body. This carrier is the one to use when I actually want to get something done, because I have complete shoulder and arm movement (my other carriers have fabric resting over my shoulders hindering movement a bit).

My 5 month old catching a contact nap in the Lillebaby Complete 6 in 1 all season in September 2020.

The are a few minor drawbacks. Unlike most of my other carriers, I can’t fit it into the diaper bag. If it’s really warm out (despite having some mesh and being marketed as all seasons) it can get a little warm for both baby and me. To me those are only minimal shortcomings compared to advantages.

This is the carrier I usually bring for a outing when I will be carrying baby for a significant amount of time such as hikes, museums, shopping etc. I feel like this is the best structured baby carrier for the price and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile long lasted structured carrier with back support.

2. Ergo Embrace Newborn Carrier

Having a moment with my newborn in the Ergo Embrace Newborn Carrier in the spring of 2020.

My favorite thing about the Ergo Embrace Newborn carrier is I find it the easiest to nurse in on the go. Baby nurses easily and comfortably while I continue to walk. It is priced at $99.00. I also love that is a balance between a soft wrap and a structured carrier. It is super easy to put on and lightweight, which is why I use it so much. It can easily fit into the diaper bag so I love to have it on hand for shorter outings. I have this baby carrier in soft knit, but it also comes in mesh. Though it is called a newborn carrier, the Ergo Embrace can be used for a baby up to 25 pounds. My baby is currently 7 months and 20 pounds and it is still working great for us. Not only is it my favorite carrier to nurse in, but it is my favorite to forward face.

Nursing my 1 month old in the Ergo Embrace Newborn Carrier while walking around at the Asian Lantern Festival in September 2022.

There are only a couple drawbacks to this baby carrier. One that there is no back support. Many carriers do not have that, but after experiencing it with the Lillebaby you sure miss it. Another is I’d love a neck support and headcover attachment. Again, a feature of the Lillebaby that I love. Though this might compromise the lightness of the carrier and the ease of forward facing.

This was the first carrier I purchased and love it very much. I recommend to anyone looking for something lightweight and easy to use. This is a wonderful carrier to use from birth to 25 pounds at home and on the go.

3. Wildbird Ring Sling

My 7-month-old wrapped up snug and warm in the Wildbird Ring Sling first thing in the morning (March 2022).

My favorite thing about this baby carrier, (it’s actually referred to as a sling) in my opinion, is the Wildbird Ring Sling is the fastest way to baby carry. It is priced at $68.00. It is so easy to put on and get baby in. I often use it first thing in the morning and take baby with me to get my coffee. The second best thing about the ring sling is that it is beautiful and elegant. I cannot say that about my other carriers. It is super comfy and snuggly. It is basically like having baby wrapped around you securely in a linen blanket. They are also easy to nurse in. The sling can be used for a baby or toddler up to 35 pounds.

I usually don’t eat in my Wildbird Ring Sling, but my 3 month old had to be held and I had to eat (November 2021).

One drawback of the ring sling is that you really only have use of one arm so you can’t get much done, but you can drink your coffee (I recommend one with a lid). You will still find yourself supporting baby with your arm periodically, but it takes a lot of pressure off your body compared to just holding them. They are super easy to throw into your diaper bag and don’t take up much more room than an extra outfit. They aren’t the best for carrying baby for long periods of time, but are still good for shorter outings or ones where you are only holding them periodically may be switching between the sling and the stroller.

Ring slings are probably the most elegant baby carriers if that matters to you or if that is your thing. I recommend it to anyone looking for something super quick and easy to use. I use mine around the house every day.

4. Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier

Holding my 16 month old in the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier at an outdoor concert in August 2021.

The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is my husband’s favorite carrier. He really doesn’t like to mess with straps, buckles, wrapping or adjusting. Simply just pick baby up and put them on the seat. You can put the seat on your hip or front center. It works for carrying baby inward or outward. It is easy to nurse in, but you have to sit down. It is priced at $85.00. The Tushbaby is essentially a fanny pack where the main compartment is a seat for baby to sit on. Just like a regular fanny pack this seat acts as storage. There are also pockets on the belt as well as a bottle holder. You can easily fit a few diapers, a pack of wipes, your phone, wallet and some snacks in this carrier.

My husband holding our newly turned 1 year old in the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier at our favorite park in April 2021.

The only drawback is this is not the carrier that will allow you be hands free to get something done. You still have to hold baby, but it sure makes it A LOT easier!

The Tushbaby is great for a shorter visit at the park when you switch baby between carrying and the stroller or carrying and walking. This carrier is great for when they start walking and there is a lot of down/up/down/up. I use it often around the house as well because it is so easy to use and helpful. In my experience men like using this carrier. My brother-in-law uses it as well.

5. The Solly Baby Wrap

My 4 month old taking a contact nap in The Solly Baby wrap in August 2020.

The Solly Baby is a soft, stretchy, lightweight, and elegant wrap at a reasonable price of $69.00. It gives you more arm movement than the ring sling. It tucks the baby in nicely and gives you the option to hold their head against your body. This wrap is great for newborn contact naps. It is super easy to throw into a diaper bag for the on-the-go and takes up no more room than a lightweight modal fabric blanket. It looks nice and blends into your outfit if that’s something you are looking for (at least sometimes). Even though I love colors and patterns (which they have plenty of options), I dislike clashing patterns and colors even more, so since I am on a budget, like my other carriers, I went with something more neutral and simple.

I have to admit it took me watching a Youtube tutorial a few times (or more than a few, tired mom brain) to get it down. Once you get it it’s not that complex. There can be a bit of a learning curve with any carrier. Though the Solly Baby can be used with babies up to 25 pounds, in my experience it doesn’t work well after 15 or so.

It is a wonderful lightweight wrap to have for a newborn through a few months or smaller babies. I recommend it to anyone looking for something that is fashionable, lightweight and easy to take on the go.

I hope this post helps to give you some insight into some of the best baby carriers on a budget. Baby wearing makes my life as a mom easier and I hope it does the same for you.

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