Is the Woolino worth it?

You might be wondering why a sleep sack has a price tag of $100 ($99.99). I am here to tell you that it is worth every penny. I am currently using the same 4 season Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag I bought for my first baby with my second. It is one of my top, if not the top, baby product I recommend.

Here are the reasons why:

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1. It works for any temperature

Woolino sleep sacks are made from Merino wool, which comes from a certain type of sheep called the Merino. This wool is thinner and softer than traditional wool. The wool is both breathable and insulating, which is why it keeps babies warm in colder temperatures and cool in warmer temperatures. The fabric is a favorite for outdoor gear as well. Since the Woolino works for any temperature it eliminates the need to buy sleep sacks at different TOG levels to accommodate change in temperature, therefore saving you money. The Woolino can be worn year-round. Just adjust what your baby wears under it according to temperature.

2. It fits your baby for a really long time

The Woolino fits babies from 2 months to 2 years or 10 pounds to 32 pounds and 23 to 35 inches long. They also have a toddler bag for 2-4 year olds (26-42 pounds and 34-42 inches). For younger babies there are snaps to create smaller arm holes. When they get bigger you simply don’t snap those. The neck hole is just the right size to not be too big for smaller babies and still not be too tight for older babies. Both of my babies were 9 pounders. I didn’t buy the Woolino until 6 months with my first, after spending much more than 100 dollars on different sleep sacks of various sizes and TOG levels. He wore it until a little before he turned 2 when I purchased the toddler sack since he was running out of foot room. I was able to put my second son in it a little before 2 months. He had already reached the height and weight minimum. He is 8 months now and we have a long way to go before he outgrows it.

3. It is easy to get on and off

The Woolino has snaps at the shoulders so you do not have to fumble with putting it over your baby’s head. This also ensures the neck hole is small enough to not go over your baby’s head while sleeping. Many other sleep sacks have a zipper down the center which I find difficult to do, especially with a wiggly baby. The zipper is along the bottom and comes up to the arm hole. This makes it easy to open up at night for diaper changes without taking much of it off and disturbing baby. Bonus- it even has a slot for a car seat buckle if you want to have baby ready to go right in bed after being somewhere a little too late.

4. It is durable

My sack looks almost exactly the same 3 years and 2 babies later as the day I got it. Merino is naturally elastic. It means it will easily hold its shape despite thousands of tugs and pulls.

It is also hypoallergenic, which means it does not need to be washed nearly as much as other fabrics. Simply turning it inside out and hanging to air out between uses helps stretch time between washes. When you do wash it make sure to wash on gentle. I wash it alone, but you don’t have to. Use wool detergent or anything mild. You can tumble dry on low heat or hang dry, which I prefer to do.

On wash day I do need another sack. I have plenty since I bought numerous sacks for my first before purchasing a Woolino. I will need to get another wash day sack since my second is about to outgrow all my pre-Woolino sacks. I plan on purchasing a second Woolino and then that is literally all I will need for 2 years.

5. It eco-friendly and sustainable

Woolino’s Merino wool comes from Australia’s 70 million Merino sheep, who just need to eat grass and be given water. Each year they grow a new coat. Since the fabric is made from animal “hair” it is biodegradable.

Bonus: It comes in really cute prints!

I love Woolino’s prints! Since my son has a space theme room so I chose the “nightsky” print which is navy blue and has constellations on it. They also have leaves, suns, sheep, rainbows, pandas, more stars and others. They also come in a wide variety of colors.

In conclusion, the Woolino is a fantastic purchase! It is worth the money because it will actually save you money. You will not have to shop around for other sacks in different TOG levels and sizes. Your baby will sleep comfortably in any weather. This will help you sleep better as well! The Woolino is the only sleep sack you need!

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